Take your employee engagement to another level

Metasim creates immersive and authentic virtual reality experiences that help people-leaders practice core leadership skills in a highly realistic and engaging environment, free of fear and judgment.

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“The technology blew my mind!”
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Head of Content Marketing, UK Business
“The system is absolutely fantastic for what it allows you to do with people.”
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Operations Director, UK Business
“The Metasim learning experience activated neurons I didn't know I had.”
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Head of Creative Department, UK Business
“The Metasim experience was a multisensory extravaganza.”
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Chief Marketing Officer, Global Business
“The experience is much more immersive and effective relative to traditional learning methods.”
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Head of Client Service, Global Business
“The Metasim experience was very immersive and that allowed much more to be done in less time.”
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Managing Director, Global Business

People join companies, but they leave managers

 Employee engagement and retention strategies demand strong leadership skills, but the typical leadership learning curve takes way too long – sometimes years and sometimes the span of an entire career.

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The manager solely determines 70% of the variance in team engagement¹.

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The loss of productivity from unengaged employees is equal to 18% of their annual salary¹.


Research Finds

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Learners in Virtual Reality (v-learners) complete training on average four times faster than classroom training and 1.5 times faster than e-learn.

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More confident

V-learners are up to 275% more confident to act on what they learned after training – a 40% improvement over classroom and 35% improvement over e-learn.

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More emotionally connected

V-learners are 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners and 2.3 times more connected than e-learners.

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More focused

Because VR is a completely immersive experience, V-learners are up to four times more focused than e-learners.

Industry Views

V-learning will likely be an accelerator that helps drive a new age of enterprise training and education by delivering a cost-effective, immersive, and efficient experience to train employees on soft skills

Measurable improvements are emerging across a vast range of [VR] use cases for building and enhancing employee skills, including de-escalation, public speaking, managing difficult conversations, improving workplace diversity and inclusion, interviewing, and sales.

Immersive learning is a highly effective way for organizations to deliver formal training while reducing costs through the use of XR technology.